our space

flexible office and event space designed for a new world of work: opening late 2020 - fifty-seven willis street, whanganui-a-tara/wellington

our team office

day office space

an office for remote work - use our private day office only when you need it and don’t pay for it when you don’t

our full feature private team office includes:

  • fifteen sit/stand/call work desks
  • two meetup booths
  • two café meeting tables
  • one or two meeting rooms
  • video conferencing and printing facilities
  • our reception to look after your visitors

designed to support your whole team when they need to work together:

  • week, day and half day rental options
  • deep clean between users
  • food and coffee delivery right to your workspace

if your team is working remotely and just needs to get together once a week, month, quarter or whenever

our furniture

designed with covid safety and remote calling in mind, from materials we’ve prevented from going to landfill

our furniture is going to be pretty special:

  • made from materials salvaged from old office fitouts in wellington
  • local designers designtree are making it just for us
  • it will help keep our waste and carbon footprint low (and yours too)

and we’re developing it to suit our new work environment:

  • local research startup stickybeak has helped us define the new needs of office space
  • sits, stand, and make calls from your desk - all with a built in privacy and sneeze guard
  • home desk rental available - streamline your moves between home and office

our partners

we’re working with some of the most exciting, innovative and socially responsible organisations in aotearoa - join us

get in touch

anything else you'd like to know? feel free to get in touch — we'd love to hear from you